Phil Booth

Progressive working class software engineer

Greetings, biped!

You have reached the website of Phil Booth, chief poo-carrier and manservant for I, Milo Slobberchops.

About Phil

When he's not busy collecting my poo into small plastic bags, Phil is allowed to moonlight as a software engineer. Currently he works on backend stuff at Qatalog. Before that he was part of the Firefox Accounts team at Mozilla, and before that he worked on web performance stuff at Nature.

In rare moments of spare time Phil enjoys hacking on side-projects and open-source stuff. If you want to find out more about those, go here or check out his GitLab profile.

Occasionally he engages in doomed attempts at personal fitness, see his runs and rides. He's also a sporadic, low-effort blogger and photographer.

What has Phil been up to lately?